About Us

We are a group of gentlefolk living in the Kentucky Bluegrass who are interested in period fashion and activities. We come from all walks of life: from teaching and library science, fine art and millinery, to public health and counseling, and have all kinds of other interests: hiking, cycling, gardening, music, food.

What we share is a passion for the period known commonly these days as the Regency era, a time of great elegance, creativity -- and violence and upheaval -- in the arts, in music, in architecture, fashion, literature, technology, and politics. What do Jane Austen, the French Revolution, Dolly Madison, the Empire style, Georgette Heyer, Napoleon, Master and Commander, spencer jackets, and Goya have in common? They're all products of or all about Regency times.

Come join us as we celebrate the Regency here in Kentucky, U.S.A. We're a new group and not terribly big, but like most new groups, we have lots of ideas for Regency amusements and edification. If it's picnics, historically themed events, trooping off to explore a museum, or poking at an unusual topic that you're after, you just may have found the right set of like-minded persons.

By the bye, we don't always dress this way. Some of us do, sometimes, and always for fun. Oh, and yes, we do always eat this well. That's real flummery you're looking at on the blue-rimmed plate, and next year we want to try hearth cooking.

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