Friday, April 15, 2011

Picnic at William Whitley House: Save the date

The Bluegrass Regency Society will be having a picnic luncheon at the William Whitley house on Saturday, May 14th, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00pm.

The home (considered a mansion during it's time) is located at
625 William Whitley Road,
Stanford KY 40484.

The picnic will be held on the grounds of the estate where we hope to eat (of course), possibly play some period games, walk the grounds, and tour the Whitley home. In general, we hope to have an over-all merry time of it!  All are invited!  Spouses and children are welcome!  There isn't a cost to enter the grounds, but if you wish to take a tour of the house, this will be available for the group rate of $4.00 per person. 

We humbly request that you bring a dish of some sort to share with the group.  Also, please bring your own beverages, cutlery, plates and cups (we recommend a picnic blanket as well).  You may be as historically accurate or not, as you wish with your food.  We do not require it, but it certainly is fun when it is!  If you do wish to make something period accurate, then here are a few links to some wonderfully researched period recipe sites.  I've tried a few of them myself.  HERE and HERE. They aren't nearly as difficult as they might appear.

Gode-cookery (17th c. but could still work)

As for what to wear...that is up to you.  A handful of us will be in period, Regency attire, but it certainly is not a necessity to dress this way in order to join in on the fun!  We understand some don't feel comfortable wearing anything but modern clothing, or perhaps you just haven't had the time yet to develop your Regency wardrobe.  Not a problem!  You won't be frowned upon if you don't dress out...we promise!

For information about the house and it's founders, the Whitley family, please visit the William Whitley House Foundation website, where they have posted a very informative video.

 As always, please feel free to leave a comment, or email us if you have any questions. We would love to meet other Regency enthusiasts in the Bluegrass area.  We hope to see you there!

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