Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Meet and Greet: Follow Up

Today, three (and a wee-bit) members of the Bluegrass Regency Society met for lunch at the 6 Friends Cafe, in Lexington, KY, where we welcomed our newest member Sharon into the group.  Welcome Sharon!  Sharron drove all the way from Somerset, KY to join us!  Such loyalty!  Unfortunately, several of our other members had prior engagements and couldn't join us, so, it was a low-key gathering, but a productive one, at that.

We shared a bit about ourselves, and got to know our newest member.  We talked about what we would like to get out of the group, and what we would like to see happen...that sort of thing.  We know we would like to learn and do more dancing (the English Country Dancing sort...typical of the period.)  Picnics are also enjoyed (who doesn't like a chance to dress out and try period food.)  As is touring local historical sites and meandering through local museum displays.

So, in order to set this thing in motion, we've gathered together a rough list, or calendar if you will, of events planned for this year.  Please see "Our Activities and Events" tab above.  And as always, feel free to join us at any of these events.  If you have any other ideas for venues, please jump in and leave a comment below!

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  1. Very much enjoyed this morning. Jenni, you may not care for leadership, but you did a great job moderating. Sharon, your experiences are going to be a big help, and it was such a pleasure talking with you! Laura, it's going to be fun with the English country dance class!

    Miss Autumn, as always, glad to have your sweet company.

    Very best,